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About the Director

The notion is very popular that "Mother is the first teacher of the child". The teacher's instinct takes birth with the baby and mother start her lessons before his/ her birth. The same thing happens with me when Manava (My daughter) came into my life. Every mother always work to give the best education to her child, sometimes she has to learn new things so she can teach it to her child.

When I took her admission to playgroup as a mother with a Bachelor of Science degree in hand I started looking for the part-time job and courses to fulfil my thirst of Childhood Education. I took admission to the one-year diploma in Early Childhood Education and completed it. It helped me to understand the problems and solution to child education. Later, I took admission to two years, Bachelors of Education (B. Ed.), course. It was a challenging task for me as I had to balance the family, babysitting and educational life. With all odds, I completed, B. Ed. and started the searching for a job in primary schools. 

Fortunately, I got the opportunity to join the same school where Manava was studying in the first standard. As started my assistant teacher job I noted that 70 % of students have difficulties in reading and identifying the alphabets. When started searching for solutions, I came across the Phonics through YouTube videos. 

I used to get motivated day by day with amazing applications of Phonics. Every day I used to come across many unsolved questions (which used to come across when I was a school student) every day I was getting answers. I started applying Phonics concepts in my daily teaching and received very good result, as my students started reading with so much ease. Sometimes, we colleague used to discussed how wrongly we learned such a beautiful language i. e. English.

Later, I did some basic authorised courses in Phonics and Abacus and after working for two years in school, realised that it is the right time to switch the profession from school teacher to professional trainer. I had rented a hall and started training for students for a year and later with immense enthusiasm, I started the Manavata Elegant Kids Academy.

Still, while daily training to the students every day I am learning new concepts in Phonics and I am enjoying it.

Mrs. Rupali Autade Founder & Director – MeKids Academy

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