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Jolly Phonics Teachers Training
(October, 2023)

MeKids Academy - Manavata Elegant Kids Academy is pleased to announce YET ANOTHER POWER PACKED Online training workshop on Jolly Phonics 

Mrs. Rupali Autade,

M. Sc., B. Ed., Diploma (ECE)

Spelfabet & Jolly Phonics

Trained International Trainer

👩‍💼Update yourself by learninginternationally proven & widely accepted Jolly
Phonics methodology for
Reading, writing & comprehension skills improvement !!!👩‍💼


Step 1

Learning the letter sounds


Step 2

Learning letter formation


Step 3



the sounds)

Step 4

Identifying sounds in words


Step 5

Tricky words

(Learning difficult words)


What will be covered during ten days Training?

​1) 42 sounds along with their stories and Jingles

2) Letter formation techniques & actions

3) Blending (Reading)

4) Segmenting (Identifying the sounds in words)

5) Tricky words and sight words

6) Alternative spellings


What will be covered during ten days Training?

7) Digraphs

8) Trigraphs

9) Short & long sounds of the vowels

10) Spelling rules

11) Comprehension skills

12) Effective use of Jolly resources in lesson planning


What will be provided?

1) Certificate

2) Jolly Phonics Lesson Plans and Sample Worksheets

3) Flash Cards

4) Game Templates

5) Three Jolly Phonics Pupil Books


What will be provided?

6) Word bank

7) E-learning App, videos and audio files

8) Life long guidance and support

9) Phonics notes in pdf

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Start earning while you are learning...

Covid19 Pandemic situation has forced the ladies to search for an alternative income source. Many housewives started food-related businesses and some started their own online teaching academies. Here, I am bringing you another opportunity to become a certified phonics trainer, grab it!


Learn for your kids...

Jolly Phonics not only works on reading English but also writing & comprehension skills. Learning to read unlike learning to talk is not a natural process. Reading should and must be taught if you want your child to be successful at school and it is best to start early. Give your child the best start in his/ her life...

Satisfaction Guarantee

This is the 7th teachers training in Jolly Phonics with more than 100+ satisfied teachers and about 50 + started their own Jolly Phonics Teaching Academy.

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