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Our Story

Fighting for What We Believe In Together...

Manavata Elegant Kids Academy (Mekids Academy) is established in the year 2020. The year 2020 will be remembered as Covid 19 lockdown and it has affected every sector. In Covid19 situations, the e-learning was at a peak, but still, only 50 to 60 % of students were financially and technically proficient to continue with it. As in Lockdown period, many schools were closed due to financial burden and could not even continue the e-learning. With parents, demand and the students' welfare in mind MeKids Academy initiated the skill education through online teaching. Primarily it was providing the training on Phonics and Abacus to students of 4 to 14 years, now it has extended the scope of training to spoken English, English Grammar and further planning for Vedic Maths, Sanskrit, Calligraphy, Computer Coding etc training. 


The schools are providing the education to students but it is need of time to give additional skills to kids as also “National Education Policy 2020” given importance to the development of skills and competencies, particularly learning life skills. All the courses offered by the Mekids Academy are designed to help students to challenge their abilities so they can deliver or present the learnings in a better way.


National Education Policy 2020 mentioned that “The ability to read and write, and perform basic operations with numbers, is the necessary foundation and essential for all future school and lifelong learning”. Mekids Academy is particularly training students on reading and performs basic operations with numbers. Early years of a child’s life are very important for later health and development. The brain continues to develop and change into adulthood, the first 8 years can build a foundation for future, health and life success.


To deliver the foundational literacy, numeracy and life skill to school students and advance pedagogical training to teachers.


To provide world-class quality early childhood care and education platform by closely working on individual student's & teacher's need for preparing them for the competitive education system of future schools and learning environment. 


To move students from learning to read, to reading to learn and to increase confidence among students and teachers by providing out of the box pedagogy for imprinting the ability to read, write, perform basic arithmetic calculations and life skills. 


  • To develop life skills, competencies, concentration and confidence among school students.

  • To train school students during the early years of a child’s life for maximum brain development as it is the foundation for future, health and life success.

  • Inculcate the ability of reading and writing in school students English through synthetic phonics.

  • To ingrain the arithmetic calculations in school students through Abacus training.

  • To give a platform to school students for the out of the box thinking & learning through various short courses.

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